Friday, April 11, 2008

My piece of crap blog sucks

Not blogging much right's amazing that work does not do itself whilst one is on vacation.

Linda at Something...and Half of Something just tagged me with a meme as:

revenge for beavis and butthead!!

The premise? Write a six-word memoir for yourself.

Which I just did, brainiacs.

I see my bandmate has also been "tagged".

Tagging five:

Cranky at Six Meat Buffet (cuz he did it to me first).

Laurie Kendrick...cuz she's so damn funny that I can't wait to see what she does with this (no pressure, Laurie).

Romi at
Year of the Chick...because she looks smokin' hot in flannel pajamas (no Romi, you can't use " I'm smokin' hot in flannel pajamas)...and I forgot to get her flowers for her birthday.

Murphy Klasing...under the fear of him suing my ass off for doing this to him.

Islamic Rage Boy...if Buckley and Potfry can pry him away from his goat.

And Linda, as punishment for tagging me...YOU MUST WATCH:

    8 comments: said...

    Ha! You got tagged too! Sweet!

    Nigel said...

    PJ, I'd have tagged you...but Nice Deb got to you first...

    (We have to bet on next year's El Cap/Valhalla football game. BTW...Steve Vickery was my math teacher before he left to coach baseball at El Cap.)

    Anonymous said...

    Well shit, I was tagging you for the same thing.

    Nigel said...

    Stacy, I was going to tag you, but I didn't want you tagging me back with your gun...

    This one is really spreading...

    LindaSoG said...

    Lemme see here... I tag you in revenge for Beavis and Butthead and you give me more Beavis and Butthead???!?!?!?!


    Nigel said...

    The key was..."revenge".

    Now if it was "punishment", I would have taken it meekly and simply whimpered...just ask Stacy.

    Romi said...

    6 words!??!?!

    Okay, I think I can do this:




    Nigel said...

    Oh will. You will.