Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh Crap... was EARTH DAY.

I wish I had known that before I drove through my hippie neighbor's garden in my Hummer.

Thanks to Vinnie for letting me borrow this:

AND...Six Meat Buffet just turned 4 years old. As a gift...I'll link to my favorite Six Meat Buffet "Earph Day" post.

(Don't miss the comments by that weirdo freak "Billy")


Anonymous said...

I take it you were Billy.

I completely forgot about Earth Day. But ironically I chose to fly commercial airlines to Toronto rather than using someone's private jet, so I guess I kind of, sort of celebrated Earth Day way beyond anything Al Gore would have done.

Nigel said...

I take it you were Billy.

Prove it...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice y’all…after Church I plan on renting a Hummer, driving to a Home Depot 50 miles away (although there is one just down the street), loading it with the most chemically complex fertilizer I can find, and dumping it across their lawn.

That screams Nigel.