Saturday, April 5, 2008

"I took God out of the box"

Because the powerful leader of the Church of Oprah can do that, ya know:

Update: Nice rant from Temple of Jennifer:

Since the whole premise of this A New Earth crap is letting go of your ego, I feel certain Oprah will see an amazing pair of Manolo’s at some point and feel conflicted. She will say to herself, “Self, these Manolo’s will make me feel better. When I feel better I do not eat a three pound box of Belgian Chocolate with a side of mac and cheese.


Romi said...

Holy crap, me reading you mention "mac and cheese" at midnight is seriously making those "midnight munchies" critters growl in my stomach...NO!...MUST...go to bed...without eating anything...but seriously, "mac and cheese" make me happy long time! ;-)

Nigel said...


Just being graced with your presence at my little POC blog makes ME happy long time!

Romi said... haven't seen the last of me! ;-)