Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Border Smuggling: It's a 2-Way Street, Amigo.

Senate Republicans found a way to "smuggle" $3 billion into the $459 billion Homeland Security Bill to try and secure funds to build that 700 miles of border fencing they have been promising for over a year now. To date, ther has been a stellar 16 miles of new fencing built here in San Diego County in the last 18 months. The additional funding was added by a 95-1 vote. That lone dissenting vote came from... Pants-wetting, crybaby, George Voinivich(Rino - OH). This bill is basically a repeat of another appropriations bill that was vetoed by President Bush back in June. It appears that if we're going to actually make any sustainable progress in securing our borders, our "esteemed" elected officials are going to make us take a heaping load of V-22 "Osprey" aircraft with it. Will there be a hefty helping of "just enforce our damn, existing laws" ? Can I get a "Si, senor", por favor?!


Anonymous said...

The Rhino or as I call them, Big Business Republicans, have dissappointed me big time. They care more about the bottom line of the farmers,construction companies, and landscapers than they do National Security.

Anonymous said...

These RHINOs care more about the bottom line of big business than national security. It is the main reason people like me are moving away from the Republicans and moving to third parties.