Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Escalation of Class Warfare

Hillary Clinton is going to save us all; Bank on it!

If there's something I can't stand, it's this idea of taking from those that "have" to give to those that "have not". To some, they believe this is some sort of noble Robin Hood effect. To others (like me), this is nothing more than the escalation of Class Warfare. Some people actually think that those that "have" must have acquired it thru nefarious or unmeritorious efforts like stealing it, inheriting it, or just pulling it out of their rectal cavity. Other people (like me) realize that these people that "have", most likely had to work hard to earn it, take an unforseen risk to invest it, and deserve to keep it. Some of our esteemed elected officials in government believe that there is never a better time than now to redistribute these earnings from those that "have" and just give it to those that "have not". Class Warfare, simply put, is the concept of dividing and arbitrarily classifying rich and poor. So what does it take to be considered "rich" in the USA these days? According to some, anyone earning $85,000/yr is considered "rich". Anyone earning less than this could actually be considered "poor", according to these same people. I challenge anyone to find me a nation with wealthier poor people than here in the USA. I challenge anyone to find me a nation that provides more to the tax-consuming poor than we do here in the USA. Come 2008, our Presidential Election will be cluttered with noise by many candidates as to why they deserve your vote. There's no shortage of pandering by Presidential Candidates from either the Democrat or Republican Party. If you're "poor" and looking for a promise of a handout from any Presidential Candidate, look no further than our 42nd Co-President, Hillary Clinton. Not only is she promising you a cradle-to-grave healthcare system, all bought and paid for off of the backs of the "rich", but, now she's going to include a Government 401(k) that will match funds off the backs of the tax-paying "rich". That's right, comrades, Hillary Clinton is going to save us. This could all be yours, if you're willing to re-elect Hillary in '08.

By the way... Happy Che Execution Day, Comrades. Viva la Class Warfare!

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Anonymous said...

A-men brother. This country created with capitilism, not socialist foundation. Every president has understood this, expect for FDR,Johnson, and the Clintons. Take notice all three are far left democrates, who came from rich or well to do families. Can we say guilt.