Thursday, October 11, 2007

Diamondback fans show their (cl)ass

Some towns simply don't deserve sports franchises. Despite playing for a possible trip to the World Series, the Arizona Diamondbacks could not even sell out that crapdome they call a ballpark.

(OK, the Diamondbacks will claim that all tickets were sold, but this game was NOT sold out):

Thousands of Diamondback "fans" came dressed as empty seats

You can forgive Arizona "fans" for their apathy. I mean, the Cardinals are absolutely on fire, and besides...the Diamondbacks have already been to a World Series. Been there, done that I guess. Besides, I think there is an adobe hut convention in town...and you know that downtown Phoenix is such a bitch with all that activity.

What you can't forgive D-back fans for is their idiocy. Because in their minds, this is what playoff baseball is all about:

Yup, that's an 8-minute stoppage in play as D-back "fans" decided to empty the contents of their double-wides onto Chase Field:

What a bunch of morons. I guess the drunken barn dance was sold out...

So what caused the trouble? Well, it was this cheap-shot by D-backs player Justin Upton:

The umpires correctly called interference and a double play. That sent the drunken dolts at Chase Field (who don't know crap about baseball) into a hissy:

A few fans threw bottles onto the field from the upper deck, and then more followed far down the foul lines. Some of them landed near Rockies players...

But wait. This story gets stupider better. Check out Team President Derrick Hall:

"It's too bad it became about the umpires," Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall said. "But I think that showed we don't have such an apathetic crowd, clearly.

"The crowd was obviously showing that they thought the umpires overreacted and once it began to get out of hand, we did all we could do to slow that down and to bring it to a stop," Hall said.

So by Hall's reasoning, debris launching=passionate fans. To try to pin this whole thing on the umpires is ludicrous...the call was correct (in fact an easy call) and neither Hall nor Arizona "fans" have a clue:

Video here.

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