Friday, October 19, 2007

The tools at Talking Radio explain how they blew the Randi Rhodes "mugging" story (updated)

Well, I guess this is what passes for being "accountable" in the liberal world:

The right-wing noise machine has been having a field day with Randi-gate. Once, they smelled blood in the water they attacked Talking Radio and other liberal blogs (here and here) like a school of piranhas going after fresh meat. They shouted with glee over the apparent discrepancy between what actually happened to liberal talk radio host (which we still don't know) and how it was initially reported.

Talking Radio was responsible for those initial reports. Not the New York Times, the Washington Post or CNN. Not Keith Olbermann, Wolf Blitzer, or Chris Matthews. Just this "tiny little blog" as Brian Maloney AKA the Radioequalizer has smugly reported.

Well, thanks for finally taking responsibility. In the liberal world, that is very rare. In fact it's been three days since the initial story was denied by Rhodes' own lawyer...not that we should have believed him either. And though Rhodes clearly was not mugged, Talking Radio has yet to say that.

Wanna read something funny? Check out this statement:

Now right wingers love to be righteous. They love to catch the "liberal media" f—king up." Liberals don’t really get all worked up when conservatives mess up.

Well...isn't that a hoot?!? Anyone remember this guy?

Talking Radio goes on to whine about the alleged distortions from the "right"...chiefly, the assertion that Rhodes may have been drunk when she fell: reports that Randi had imbibed 14 Ketel bloody-Marys before plunging to side walk. This was also reported in the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post. (If I drank four Bloody-Marys I'd be flat on my back.)

Well gee...that sure sounds a lot closer to the actual story Rhodes is now telling us than the original claims. Let's review:

From Talking Radio: "Randi Rhodes is the Victim of a Violent Attack!"

From the New York Daily News: Rhodes' lawyer Robert Gaulin told the Daily News she was injured in a fall while walking her dog, but she wasn't sure exactly what happened.

Those are both a far cry from: I was watching football in an Irish pub. I went out to smoke a cigarette, and the next thing I knew I was down on the cement, face down, bleeding.

The funniest thing might be the fight that Talking Radio is trying to pick with The Radio Equalizer's Brian Maloney. Apparently, they are offended that they were described as a "tiny little blog."

But our favorite was the Maloney’s feeble attempt to gain some attention at the expense of Rhodes’ misfortune. In his latest post on the matter, Maloney said "in this exclusive, Radio Equalizer- created video, listen as Randi digs a deep hole for herself."

As of 12 midnight PDT, Maloney’s "huge blog" had 1 post, that’s 1,402 less than our "tiny blog."

Newsflash for the fools at Talking Radio. Brian Maloney doesn't need attention or blog hits. He is a frequent guest on both CNN and Fox News. He's had his own radio show and been featured in Time Magazine. Hell...he has his own Wikipedia entry...something Talking Radio may have shortly as the blog that screwed up the Randi Rhodes story.

Maloney's blog has had almost 2.5 million hits...without using a bogus story to get linked to the Drudgereport. Compared to the Radio Equalizer, Talking Radio is a mite imbedded in the ass of an elephant.

Talking Radio is so busy self-gratifying themselves, that they neglect to mention that the majority of their 1400 comments were either (unfortunately) sarcastic comments about Rhodes, or commenters trying to get their attention to correct the story.

By the way, Talking Radio has had their latest post up for two hours now. Check out how many comments they have now:

(Update) Three hours after their latest post, the HUGE blog Talking Radio finally has a comment:

ubercheesehead said...

I know you are just thrilled at all the traffic you are getting right now. Your gushing about your four-digit thread counts is positively endearing. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the overwhelming majority of us are not bookmarking your site and will not be coming back once the Irish Pub debacle plays out. We've already pretty well moved on past this, what with Harry Reid's smear letter fetching $2.1M on the ebay auction and all. But next time one of the Airhead America whackjobs does something funny enough to attract the attention of more than the 57 people who listen to AAR we will be happy to come back and ridicule your insane rantings some more.

7:31 PM

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