Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey Talking Radio...we're waiting! (updated: Finally?)

(Update): Talking Radio finally updates its site...more later.

(Update): Not really.

I guess the truth just doesn't matter. Throw up a story where your source is Air America, get it put on Drudgereport, picked up by the Kosbots and liberal blogs everywhere...

But when you're story turns out to be wrong, do you jump to correct the record?

Of course not! Because when you are a liberal, all that matters is a story's "truthiness." I mean, a rabid neo-con COULD have attacked a liberal talk-show host...heck, it happens all the time!

Well, anyway...how long until Talking Radio crawls out from under their rock and corrects their post?

(Update) Ace is assaulted and severely injured by Al Franken! (Uh...allegedly)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should have gone for a count down in months or years, cause it aint going to happen buddy. Libs never tell lies or are wrong. Just look as Dan Rather, he still buys that the National Gaurd papers are right.