Sunday, October 14, 2007

My State Governor is sooooo cutting edge

The Governator just gave his approval to require the manufacturers of guns and ammunition to use "microstamping" on all gun firing pins and ammuntion casings. Dumb! Yeah, my State Governor is the trend setter when it comes to legislating Gun Control. Three years ago he approved a measure that banned the purchase of all .50 caliber rifles. Now he outdoes himself by signing off on something that is most-certainly untested and limited in its scope to actually solve a crime. The bottom line is another victory for the criminals. Do you think the criminals care about this? Why would they? Probably because they're too busy using an unregistered or stolen weapon to commit a crime. California gun owners will be buying their guns and ammo out of state and avoiding this costly requirement, unless of course they're purchasing a revolver. Revolvers don't discharge their casing after being fired. Why does the Governator have another momentary lapse of common sense when even the California State Fish and Game Commission was opposed to this legislation. On a side note, the phrase "Eat Lead" will lose its potency since the bill included the banning of lead-based ammunition in certain areas too. We don't want the indiginous wildlife like the Condor finding this in their diet. Governor Shwarzenegger continues to embrace beauracracy here in the Golden State.

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