Tuesday, October 2, 2007

MORE proof USC sucks

Well, it's not as if SUC is the only alleged university that has moonbat leanings. In fact, if there is anything close to a sanctuary for conservative thought on the west coast, it's likely Figueroa Tech.

But TrOJan grad Rusty at The Jawa Report points out, the libtards appear to have taken over The University of South Central:

Ah, the Daily Trojan. How I miss you. A column by Joshua Sharp in The University of Southern California's student paper has quotes from a campus Palestinian activist:

Ahmadinejad has not been responsible for anything like the scale of injustice and bloodshed carried out by the United States and enthusiastically supported by such ideologues as Coulter," he added.

It's the typical far-left view of the world: okay, so and so might be bad, but Amerikkka is worse!

Hang in there, Rusty. It's not that TrOJans are known for their brains anyway:

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Yiddish Steel said...

USC entrance requirements:

1) A tuition check

2) A viable pulse