Friday, June 8, 2007

Is Iowahawk a big enough Prick?

Dave Burge (Iowahawk) has announced his candidacy for the Presidential race of 2008. However, he has not chosen a party affiliation for this run.

As a delegate of the Insufferable Prick Party, I am strongly considering nominating Iowahawk at our upcoming convention , based on his stand on immigration:

We are a nation of immigrants. But whether our ancestors came here through Ellis Island, the Bering Straits Ice Bridge or by intergalactic transporter beam, we must face the fact that our current immigration system is broken. As President, I will make securing the border my top priority. Unfortunately, the Congress has been slow to approve funding for fences and other barriers to illegal immigration. That's why I have proposed wacky Roadrunner-style misdirection signs along the border that read "ESTADOS UNIDOS -- THIS WAY." Hopefully, this will totally confuse illegal border hoppers and their "coyotes," and they will stay up in Canada where they belong.

I hope Iowahawk strongly considers running as a Prick. He needs stiff support and as a Prick, Iowahawk can insert himself firmly into the 2008 Presidential race.

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Preston said...

I like it. He would be a fine leader for our party. If we could just find a way to hoodwink him into the job.