Monday, February 4, 2008

The Best Part of Super Bowl 42

My last Super-bowl related post...great game, mediocre commercials, but a terrific half-time show with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (though we are thankful these geezers did not have a "wardrobe malfunction"):

Brian at Six Meat Buffet was clearly too drunk by halftime to enjoy the greatness that is Tom Petty:

I’m sorry Tom Petty but who programs the Super Bowl half-time? And why do they only seem to pick up a satellite signal stuck on 1989? My full moon fever broke around the time Nirvana came out.

Janet Jackson, Prince (though he owned last year), the Rolling Stones….jesus. Are they going to roll out Genesis or Whitesnake next year?

What’s left? Martha Quinn and Downtown Julie Brown doing play-by-play?

Well...yeah! Who the hell would have a problem with that?

She's looking a little older today...but cut her some slack...she's 49:

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Michele said...

I think she's prettier now. She has a tender face.