Monday, February 11, 2008

The "Unofficial" This Goes to 11 Presidential Endorsement

I was prepared to announce this week our "official" endorsement for President, but the guys at TNOYF have been working behind the scenes to recruit a more suitable candidate:

Jilted by Fred Thompson, teased by Rudy Giuliani, and stood up by Mitt Romney, I'm a little wary of the seriousness of Grizzly Bear's campaign. But I'm giving him a shot...consider me "all in" for Grizzly Bear.

Especially if he makes his first campaign stop at the next Berkeley City Council meeting...

Laura at Ace of Spades endorses "Sea Horse". I'm thinking she was a closet John Edwards supporter.


Gordon said...

That was truly inspirational. Where do I sign up?

Nigel said...

Not sure yet, Gordon. If the Republicans fail to nominate Grizzly Bear, is there room for him on the Prick ticket?