Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little tubing road trip...Canada-style

Michele over at The Music Chamber is clearly occupied with something else right now...and I have a little hankering for some tubing.

Up first, one of the best soundtrack tunes of the '80s...from Vision Quest, and the group Red Rider:

Then from Red Rider lead singer Tom of my favorite songs of the '90s and certainly one of the best road-trip songs ever:

If you are so inclined, what are your favorite road-trip tunes? Please post tubing links in the comments section...I'll repost them here.

Update: Jawa mind-meld...minutes after this post goes up, Kafir posts his tribute to Paultards using Lunatic Fringe...


Michele said...

My best friend is in the hospital, so I've been watching a whole slew of hyper kids. Mine, hers, and her sister's. Utter mayhem and no time to even go to the bathroom!

Keep on tubing. I shall return.

Gordon said...

Egads! Once in a while I remember to add this to my iTunes list.

Sadly, I forget. But not this time.

Thanks for the memory and reminder!

When I get a minute, I'll add my 'tubes.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was going on with you Michele. You went missing.

Anyway, I have Lunatic Fringe on my pod and listen to it often. Love it, love it.