Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wanna piss off an Obama supporter? (updated)

It's time to play that fun parlor game, Oh What Have You Done, Sen. B. Hussein Obama?:

(Stolen from Hot Air)

I have been asking that question of liberals for 6 months now...and I still haven't gotten an answer. Can anyone help me here?

Updated: Isn't this fun? See what happens when you piss off an Obama supporter?

Preston at Six Meat Buffet has more:

So when the Obamessiah’s followers fill their diapers with glee-filled moisture over the word “change”, does that mean that they’re going to change from being the usual scum-sucking racist Dim-O-Cracks that they are?

Don’t bet on it.

Bob Parks has a reminder for us of B. Hussein Obama's America...

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