Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fat ugly chick dumps man in wheelchair


Didja catch the technique on that move? Looks like she is ready for her new career in landscape architecture when she gets out of prison:

TAMPA - An arrest warrant has been issued for Charlette Marshall-Jones, the detention deputy who dumped a quadriplegic man from his wheelchair, Sheriff David Gee said late Friday.

"Miss Marshall-Jones has been made aware of the charges against her, but as of this moment has not turned herself in and we do not know her whereabouts," Gee said.

Marshall-Jones was notified of the arrest warrant within the past few hours, and deputies are surprised she hasn't gotten in touch with them about turning herself in, Gee said.

I just hope the poor guy was able to evade the chick in the white shirt who was puttin' on the gloves. I think he was mistreated enough...


Laurie Kendrick said...

There are so many infractions here...reverse discrimmination for starters, but wait!!! There's more..prejuduce towards the disabled and big fat diesel dyke manhandling.

Why the quadroplegic didn't press charges i beyond me. This video is infuriating across the board.

wheelchair vans toronto said...

that is dehumanization. what was she thinking?! this is ridiculous, why isnt he pressing charges do you know?! this angers me to see there are people like this, how horrible...