Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Down Shep, Down!

My gosh, can somebody pull Shepard Smith off Naomi Wolf?

Is it just me, or did poor little Naomi seem a little rattled after Shep bared his fangs?


Anonymous said...

I may be showing my elephant sided politics here, but frankly, I like what Shep did. I think FOX gets lambasted by the left regularly and has taken it too quietly for too long.

I'll bet my left one that Naomi Wolf did excoriate FOX simply to excoriate FOX, she did it for what her fellow lefties would think.

Complete pandering.

Laurie Kendrick

Yiddish Steel said...

Naomi Wolf got a verbal beat-down for her continued intellectual dishonesty , nothing more, nothing less. Fox News dared call her on it, that's all. Any respectable teleprompter reader worth his/her own salt would do the same, regardless of the network that employs them.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody get Naomi a bag of ice for that bruise from the bitch slap Shep gave her. Ouch.