Friday, February 15, 2008

Global Warming Crushes San Diego County

Halp Algore (PBUH)! I can't take this friggin' Global Warming anymore!:

A surprise storm delivered rain and snow to the county yesterday, causing mudslides and road closures and stranding hundreds of motorists on Interstate 8 through the mountains, sending many to shelter at the Golden Acorn Casino.

More than 500 vehicles were stranded on I-8 during the storm, according to California Highway Patrol estimates, Fire Prevention Chief Jim Garrett said.

One person in the Descanso area was taken to a hospital with hypothermia.

Cal Fire Capt. Darrin Howell said there was a foot of snow in some areas, and rescuers used fire engines with chains and four-wheel-drive vehicles to reach motorists.

At the La Jolla Indian Reservation near Palomar Mountain, Tribal Chairman Tracy Nelson marveled at the snow falling outside the trading post on state Route 76 at about 3,000 feet. By late afternoon, about 4 inches had piled up, he said.

I don't think I've ever seen snow like this,” said Nelson, a 16-year resident of the reservation.

I was in Clairemont yesterday around 3pm the temperature was FORTY SIX degrees. Sure that's balmy for...say...Wisconsin.

I've been freezing my ass off all winter. The next hippie that whines to me about global warming is getting punched...


Michele said...

The next Californian that whines to me about 46 degree temperatures is getting punched! Whoops. It's about 46 degrees here too. Nevermind.

Yiddish Steel said...

Could you imagine those stinky, pachouli oil-wearing moonbats wading around in their Birkenstocks in this weather, yesterday?!

Put some shoes on, Hippie!

Merri said...

Oh, c'mon now, Nigel...didn't you ever watch "The Day After Tomorrow?" They proved that global warming would cause big ole reverse hurricanes that would freeze us out. OF COURSE you are cold because of global warming! Oh, and I think George Bush caused this, but I could be may have been his dad.

Nigel said...

A "reverse hurricane", Merri?

Darn...I knew I should get all my global warming info from movies...:)