Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laurie Kendrick has the poop...

...all the poop...on, er...well...poop:

Don’t act all flustered and offended. If I’ve wondered about some of these things, so have you. And no smart ass—no marijuana was harmed in the writing of this post. This is a no-nonsense approach to your waste.

OK, so if you really want to know, go here. It's OK. I won't tell...

(I'll just post your email and IP address all over the internet so you get some really weird solicitations from Germany)


Laurie Kendrick said...

Mein Gott!!!

That Laurie Kendrick is funny! And so smart, too! Everything I wanted to know about my body's defaecatory process in one unique blog post.


I love this woman. She sure is a hoot!

Laurie Kendrick

Michele said...

That was actually pretty educational. I still have more questions though.

Anonymous said...

I don't.