Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kaboom! Mrs. Wuzzadem drops a bomb on Mitt Romney

Well...I guess the gloves are off now:

As noted by Barack Obama in Thursday's night debate (in response to a question about Mitt Romney's business acumen), the confidence some have placed in Mr. Romney's financial management skills may be undeserved.

Washington Post: The Trail Romney, he said with a big grin, " hasn't gotten a good return on his investment so far in this campaign."

Hey, if other conservatives can belittle John McCain by singing the praise of Hillary Clinton, or spit on his war record the way mushroomheads in the '60s spat on soldiers returning from Vietnam, why can't I poke a little fun at Mitt Romney by quoting Barack Obama?

Included in Mrs. Wuzzadem's post was the sad story of Romney family pet Golden Retriever Seamus. Seamus was so traumatized by his treatment by Romney, that he became a gender-confused dog:

But the weirdness never quite stopped for poor Seamus. It follows him all the way to Romney, California, a place where even male dogs can nurse kittens.

It's like the bullsh*t never stops.

Well, I'm about as weirded out as I care to be for the evening, so farewell, Real Conservatives.

Sorry things didn't work out between us.

But now that you've streamlined the Republican party by chasing out all us riffraff, you're poised to go balls-out in 2012.

Good luck with that.

If the folks running the McCain campaign were smart, they'd fire Juan Hernandez and hire the Wuzzadems. Can you imagine this guy on the campaign trail?

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