Tuesday, August 21, 2007

History Channel punks truther morons

Last night on the History Channel:

I watched the entire two-hours. Especially compelling was watching cult leader Loose Change creator Dylan Avery explaining away why he has to create Loose Change...edition 54. Seems debunkers keep shooting down his whack-job theories.

Also...watch for the "clackity-clack" lady and the Truther Movement's biggest demolition "expert" (he's a nurse!).

Remaining showtimes here.

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Yiddish Steel said...

Seriously! How credible is a man (Alex Jones) supposed to appear wearing a sandwichboard sign with Ron Paul For President stickers all over it, holding a megaphone and cunducting an interview for a world-wide broadcast?! The dude is the epitome of the rabinous, barking moonbat. This is the kind of leftard that has hijacked today's Democrat Party.