Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I still don't give a #$%&...

But I thought I'd post a few other reactions...

From Steve Breen of the San Diego Union Tribune, via a friend who emailed it to me this morning:

Annika, formerly of Annika's Journal and always a breath of fresh air at Six Meat Buffet, made a triumphant return to the blog world with this:

And Barry's shrunken nads had this to say:

Unfortunately, during a time that should be all about celebration and joy, there remain many naysayers out there who question the ethics of this baseball legend. Allegations of steroid use continue to hang over our heads which threatens to put an asterisk alongside Barry’s home run record.

As one who is very close to the situation, I say these charges are rubbish. I am no physician, but from what I know, steroids are supposed to bulk you up. Create massive amounts of muscle. I can testify that this is not the case here.

Me? I'm sticking with this:

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