Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well....that was FUN (Updated)

A little excitement here at our little POC blog. A thanks to Hot Air, Newsbusters and The National Review Online who all picked up my post about Bob Filner. Needless to say, that level of activity sent our site-meter spinning.

Oh'll notice I said "our". I'd like to welcome into the fold, Yiddish Steel...a fellow Bruin and San Diegan (Encinitas). We have spent the past couple of years snarking up the comment boards at Six Meat Buffet...and he might be a bigger Prick than I am. His first post is here.

Of course most's almost football season! And the analysis shows are already on ESPN:

Update: Cranky and Preston at Six Meat Buffet pimp our little blog. Thanks guys!


Preston said...

You boys are now the West Coast Six Meat without all the bitter nastiness. Congrats on birthing a baby Jew!

Nigel said...

Hey Preston, we're working up to "Bitter Nastiness"....thanks for your help!

Buckley F. Williams said...

Never mind the "bitter nastiness", aim your sights higher: shoot straight for "angry indifference."

Think of the great bumper sticker possibilities:

"This Goes To 11: Bypassing Bitter Nastiness And Heading Straight For Angry Indifference"


"Angry Indifference: Not Just A Democratic Campaign Platform Anymore"