Friday, August 24, 2007

More newspapers kiss Muslim ass (Updated w. Sunday's Opus strip)

I'm getting really tired of used to our media being so pussy-whipped by Muslims. First there is the she-male editor of the Seattle Pro Islamist Post Intelligencer refusing to run the photos of two men the FBI are interested in because they might be terrorists:

That's might be. But of course until the FBI finds them, how would we know?

Now this. Linda at Something and Half of Something discovered that this cartoon will be censored from most major newspapers on Sunday:

Can you just imagine how many urine-stained sans-a-belt slacks there were in newspaper offices across America when Berkeley Breathed submitted this comic? What a bunch of wusses. Of course these papers will all withhold the strip because they don't want to "offend" anyone.

I don't CAIR. You'll notice a link for the comic strip Opus under "funnies" down the right side of this blog. I LOVE Berkeley Breathed's work. And if he is going to slam Islamotards, I love him more.

Update: Via Hot Air, the full strip that was to appear on Sunday is here. That's "offensive"? Allahpundit and Bryan Preston analyze.

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Colwyn7 said...

Well said. Where are the cajones and the fearlessness and sense of fairness and justice? Where is the public interest? They are sheep. Cowed by fear of bullying, so they pick on softer targets, like Christian religions or Republicans. You know - people who have more sense than to blow themselves up along with innocents over some perceived insult to their religion.