Friday, August 31, 2007

Stickin' It To "The Man"... San Ysidro Style.

Today, a group of Teachers, err... Educrats are going to be stickin' it to the man by taking to the streets, err... Freeways here in San Diego to protest Federal Employee Pension Plans.

So the rest of us that are Baja-bound this fine Labor Day Weekend get to put up with this mierda del toro for a good 4 to 6 hours. Will this little Mex-surrection achieve a damn thing?! Probably not, except to piss off the hordes of Gringos headed for Ensenada, San Quitin, and Gurerro Negro; not to mention delaying my coveted "Tequilla Time". Ija's Del Perras!

Good luck accomplishing your little Peso-Pact, Professora. You're only hurting your little brothers and sisters on the other side that bless us with Bart Simpson Pinatas and firecrackers for a living.

Have a nice Labor Day Weekend everyone. Remember: No se manejando cuando baracho y loco!

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Nigel said...

Hey Yid...give Elvira Arellano a big fat kiss for me while you're down there...