Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time for your fantasy draft!

So...just curious. Who will be your top pick?

What? Are you nuts? THIS is what am thinking:

First round draft choice Lindsay Lohan

Confused? Check this out.

*Join an 8-team league.

*Create a wishlist to draft your team's 10-celebrity roster.

*Compete for 9 weeks using head-to-head weekly matchups and point-style scoring.

*Score points based on how often your celebs are in the news.

*Manage your team's roster every day by adding and dropping celebrities to score more points.

I haven't been able to determine how many points I'll get if Lindsay OD's, or drives her car into an IHOP...but I just hope she stays alive long enough to win my league.

(Was that in poor taste? My bad.)


Yiddish Steel said...

That's it; i'm playin'! You creating a league, Nigel??

Nigel said...

I was actually just joking about it, but if we can get enough bloggers etc. to join, maybe we can put something together...