Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ban the booze?

Well...this explains the helicopters and police sirens that were interrupting my enjoyment of the Clemson/Florida State game:

PACIFIC BEACH: A melee broke out on the beach yesterday afternoon as people started throwing plastic bottles and cans at police officers who were called to break up a large fight.

Sixteen people were arrested on charges of being drunk in public and fighting, said San Diego police Assistant Chief David Ramirez.

He said lifeguards called police about 5:15 p.m. reporting a fight in a group of several hundred on the beach near Reed Street and Ocean Boulevard. Officers went into a crowd of about 500 where a large group was fighting, he said.

People in the crowd threw plastic drink bottles and cans at officers as they made arrests and drew back from the group, Ramirez said.

Now to the rescue...San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer:

SAN DIEGO – The rowdy drunks might have finally spoiled the party for everyone else.

Revisiting the site of Monday's melee at Pacific Beach, San Diego Councilman Kevin Faulconer yesterday vowed to introduce a proposal to ban drinking at all San Diego beaches.

“Yesterday's incident was an embarrassment and a disgrace,” Faulconer said of the massive brawl involving scores of fighters in a crowd of hundreds near Reed Avenue and Ocean Boulevard. It took dozens of police officers with riot shields to break it up; they were pelted with beer cans and water bottles.

“Never again should we have to have police in riot gear walking down the beaches,” Faulconer said yesterday, flanked by dozens of cheering proponents of a beach alcohol ban. “We can no longer tolerate what happened here.”

Now I don't drink. And drunken morons are the reason that despite my proximity to the beach, I rarely go down to the shore on the weekend.

But I'm not sure if a ban on booze is the right idea.

I have a better one. Can we just ban the morons?


Yiddish Steel said...

Just look at all the idjits in that photo, Nigel. It's a "who's-who" of "Generation Why?", or, "Generation Wasted Load" (Props to Mike Church: ) If the Police were in force over the weekend in PB, like they should have been, this could have been avoided before the first bottle was thrown.

Nigel said...

Well...I was in PB on Monday. There were plenty of police. The problem is that on the "big three" summer holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day), every turd in the county thinks PB is a great place to get drunk.

I don't even bother going to the corner 7/11 on those days...unless I have galoshes on to wade through the puddles of puke...