Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two coaches that should be fired...NOW.

I did not see the UCLA meltdown against Utah today...I was at a funeral. I think I had a better time at the funeral than I would have watching the game today.

A terrified wuss of a QB Ben Olson runs away from Utes intent on scalping him

The Karl Dorrell era at UCLA has been a complete trainwreck. Today's loss should (but won't) signal the end of Dorrell's tenure at UCLA. Unfortunately, our Athletic Director, Dan Guerrero, has his head up his ass.

Since I did not see the game, I'll let Nestor at Bruins Nation sum up the feelings of us Bruin alums:

Now it has happened. We have officially experienced the nuclear moment of Karl Dorrell's worthless tenure at UCLA.

How many more Saturdays do I have to feel sick in my stomach every time I watch a UCLA football game?

How many more Saturdays do I have to watch our opponent's football team look like the one that is always more inspired, fired up, and focused when taking on my alma mater's program?

Just how many more Saturdays we are going to have to put up with a total CLOWN making a mockery out of our beloved football program?

How many more Saturdays will Dan Guerrerro allow this worthless CLOWN to sully the proud tradition of our alma mater's football program as the laughing stock of college football?

If Dorrell has any sense of dignity and self respect left he would resign and let this charade end this week.

Last season's miracle against USC notwithstanding, Karl Dorrell has taken a program that used to at least compete every season for the Pac 10 title, and turned it into a joke. But we can take solace in one thing. At least we aren't Notre Dame:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The first guy off the field was Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis. Michigan had just blasted his team 38-0, and already he was trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and this game. So while his players were back at midfield in a stupefied huddle, their coach bolted toward the Michigan Stadium exit.

As the Irish sulked at midfield, Michigan's players caught up to Weis and left the field with him. Surrounded by Wolverines, Weis disappeared into the tunnel and didn't stop until he reached the door to his locker room -- where he stayed until every Notre Dame player and every Notre Dame assistant coach finally walked past. Weis stared at each of them, searching for something that wasn't going to show up in the post-game stat book.

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Claussen tries really hard to recover another fumble

"I was looking into their eyes to see if anyone had thrown in the towel," he said.

Weis says he saw no sign of surrender, which almost makes what happened Saturday seem worse. Does that mean Notre Dame lost 38-0 to a bad Michigan team ... and Notre Dame was trying?

Charley Weis should be the one "throwing in the towel." A couple of promising seasons using Tyrone Willingham's players got Weis a 10-year contract that Irish alums are no doubt regretting. Willingham built Notre Dame's program back to the verge of has taken Weis 3 years to tear it back down.

Notre Dame coach Charley Weis explains to quarterback Jimmy Claussen that "it is OK to get your ass kicked each long as you try really hard."

On October 6th, Notre Dame travels to Pasadena to play UCLA. Instead of a battle between two traditional powers, the matchup is shaping up to be a sissy fight.

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