Saturday, September 8, 2007

UCLA students strike down Mormon uprising

The battle was bloody, but fortunately nobody was killed:

UCLA 27 BYU 17.

A narrow escape.

BTW, I am so glad we didn't lose to BYU... for a number of reasons. First of all, their fans are annoying as hell. You can't even tease them when you beat them...they're too damn nice. Try to run smak at a BYU fan after you beat them, they just smile at you and say "Your team played a really good game, they deserved to win." AARRGGHH! Would you people just whine about the referees or about how lucky we were just like a Trojan fan would? My gosh, you just take all the fun out of beating you.

Then there is their mascot. I'm sorry, but is there a "gayer" mascot in college football?:

Well...yeah actually there is. This "guy" wears a skirt:

And about that epic matchup next week between Notre Dame (0-2) and Michigan (0-2)? Is Lloyd Carr fired yet? And nice move by Notre Dame...firing a good coach in Ty Willingham and hiring Charlie the Tuna, then signing him to a 10-year contract. Of course Charlie won early with all of Willingham's recruits. Now Notre Dame sucks, and look who opened the season 2-0.

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Yiddish Steel said...

I could have done without that 23 minute siesta in the 2nd half that the Bruins decided to take. When you have your opponent at a 20-0 deficit at any time, you CONTINUE TO PUT THE WOOD TO THEM!!! Got that Carl?!

BTW... I'd have to say the ASU Sun Devil is a rather gay-looking mascot if you ask me.