Friday, September 28, 2007

Illinois school mobilizes the "hug Nazis"

First we had Deborah Hernandez's moronic edict at Kilmer Middle School in Virginia. Now a school in Illinois has decided that they are now a "no hug zone":

"Last year we would see maybe as many as 10 students on one side (of the hallway), 10 on the other and then, going in opposite directions, would sort of have a hug line going on and you could see where that would be a problem," said Victoria Sharts, principal of Oak Park's Percy Julian Middle School.

So this year Sharts decided to draw the line on hug lines by banning all hugging among students within the building.

Sharts said, "Hugging is really more appropriate for airports or for family reunions than passing and seeing each other every few minutes in the halls."

Julian Middle School Students show what they think of Principal Victoria's hug ban.

Principal Victoria's ban on hugging was not popular with either students or parents:

Sixth grader Isabella Miller disagrees with the crackdown. "I don't think that that's right".

Her father agrees with her. "It seems like a crazy idea to me," Mark Miller said.

Hey you! In the pink shirt! Knock it off or you're in BIG trouble!

Checking out Principal Victoria's qualifications to head a middle school, it seems she was recently relocated from a Colorado elementary school:


Anonymous said...

As a student at the middle school, I believe the program is the most pointless idea ever to cross planet earth. I have NEVER been affected by hug barricades, but now I've joined the hug-a-thon, for protest purposes. And the Principal Victoria thing was a scream.

Anonymous said...

I am also a student at Percy Julian. The whole no hugging thing is really pathetic. They're giving out STAND (the new anti-bullying program) slips for hugs. Meanwhile, teachers don't see any of the bad stuff that happens. For a while they even had a ban on high-fives. If you see a teacher on TV from Julian saying that this isn't an all out ban on hugs, they're lying because it is. All of this is bad, but the worst thing is that this is going on TV. Do the stations have nothing better to do than to film a story on kids not being able to hug? There is a war going on.

Nigel said...

I am allowing these "anonymous" comments since these are Julian Middle School students...

Hang in there! Pass this post around to your friends and let them know that most of the country feels that this hug "ban" is a total joke.

And keep on hugging!

Anonymous said...

im the second anonymous from before. I just also wanted to mention that the whole hugging blocking the halls thing is a total and complete lie. The reason the first person was never affected by the hug barricades was because they never existed. The whole thing is just a lie to get the media off her back. The reason hugs are banned is because the school disrtrict is run by sissies.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon-1 again. Anon-2: couldn't agree more with your second comment. "Principal Victoria" is attention-hungry, even though she claims that she didn't anticipate the media.