Saturday, September 1, 2007

A message for Brian DePalma

Cranky at Six Meat Buffet elaborates on the first of several "America...BAD!" anti-Iraq war films Hollywood is releasing:

DePalma Has an Important Message About War

So important, in fact, that he’s telling it again.

De Palma told Sky News Online: “I feel like one of the characters in my film that goes along with the rape in spite of his moral objection to it.

Oliver Stone is on line one, he want’s his “Truth to Power” Mr. Microphone™ back.

Did someone say, Mr. Microphone? I am all about dat!

But I digress...

What I really wanted to say with this post is this:

Hey DePalma!


Gordon said...

Thanks Nigel! Man you can accessorize a post. And I mean that in the straightest way possible.

Yiddish Steel said...


What happened to the part of the commercial where that dude says, "Mr. Microphone is twitchin'!"??

russian bride said...

Heh, cool picture ;)