Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Choking Chargers

You just knew when the Chargers were unable to pick up that last first down that would have salted away a victory over Green Bay, that Brett Favre would lead the Pack to victory.

But not so much because Favre might be the best comeback quarterback since Joe Montana. had more to do with the Chargers choking defense.

This is not a recent revelation. Choking has been part of the Chargers persona since Bobby Ross left as Chargers coach.

Marlon McCree chokes away last year's playoff game

If the Chargers are holding the slim lead in the 4th quarter you can count on the offense not being able to pick up that last first down.

Further, you can absolutely count on the defense failing to make that key tackle, or blowing a coverage... leaving a receiver wide open on 3rd down. Or perhaps making a play, then being penalized for a late hit or roughing the passer.

Emblematic of Charger chokedom is current free-safety Marlon McCree. Last season the Chargers led New England by 10 points with 6 minutes to play. McCree's interception of a Tom Brady pass should have ended the game and the Patriot's season:

McCree might be the dumbest player in football. After last season's playoff game, McCree said that he would make the same play again:

“I would do the same thing if I had the same opportunity..."

Today? A dumb, late, helmet-to-helmet hit that extended a Green Bay drive leading to an early score.

The rest of the defense? No pressure on Favre, no passion, no intensity and no brains.

Shawne Merriman? A no show. Quentin Jammer? Burned over and over again by Donald Driver.

Perhaps Charger fans have been a little too hard on ex-coach Marty Schottenheimer. The truth is, it just might not matter who coaches this team. Choking is just part of being a Charger.

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Yiddish Steel said...

Not to mention the fact that just 3 games into the season, and Norv Turner has figured out how to make LaDanian Tomlinson completely irrelevant in the offense.