Friday, September 7, 2007

University of New Hampshire Quarterback is a Bird Rock Bandit

Update June 28, 2008 here

DURHAM, N.H. -- University of New Hampshire back-up quarterback Henri "Hank" Hendricks has been charged with murder in San Diego.

He is the fifth man charged in the beating death of a professional surfer in May.

Hendricks, who is 21, has been charged with murder, assault and battery. He is scheduled to be arraigned in California on Monday, and has been suspended from the UNH football team effective immediately.

The UNH football team's website still has his profile it is in case they pull it down in the next few hours:

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I'm guessing that Thomas and Caroline must be mighty proud of their little gangbanger:

When the melee ensued, Hendricks was the tough guy who went after Emery Kauanui's girlfriend.

But you shouldn't worry about Henri's career as a backup quarterback. I hear the California Penal System has one hell of a football team:

More on the losers who call themselves the "Bird Rock Bandits":
Boyz in my hood
Surf "gangstas" lawyer up
Bird Rock Bandits "Surf" Gang...not so much surfers
Bird Rock Bandit Cravens a "good kid" with clueless parents

A 5th Bird Rock "Bandit" charged

Update: Commenter "Dude" points us to this EXCELLENT column frm September of last year, written by a former friend of the accused: is about many important choices but one of the most important is who we hang out with. As we grow older and get interested in different things, it’s important that we remember our roots and stay true to those who were with us from the beginning. Friends from long ago, even if they’ve moved into the periphery of our minds and the bottom of our Facebook profiles, keep us grounded and remind us of who we were and how far we’ve come.

But (and this is the tricky part) it’s important to outgrow people. Sometimes you need to move on. Sometimes you need to leave the crew behind. You don’t have to be mean about it, but you should never hold yourself back or endanger yourself because of some perceived loyalty to the pack.

On May 24, five guys I went to high school with allegedly murdered Emery Kauanui, a local surf star, and a classmate’s older brother. Court records state that Seth Cravens, Eric House, Orlando Osuna, Matthew Yanke and Hank Hendricks all followed Kauanui home after being ejected from a bar. They are accused of beating him to death against a palm tree, and have all pled not guilty.

Do you hate that you’re associated with a stereotype, be it your fraternity, your sorority, your club? Stay away from people who perpetuate that stereotype. Are you often embarrassed by your friend who picks fights at bars? Your friend who stands outside of Johnny O’s waving his North Face-covered arms like a Beta fish’s fins? Let him fight the bouncer. Go home. Do you know someone who messes around in class or sasses the professor? Don’t sit near that person. Do you know someone who spits in public, cuts in line, dresses like a tramp, cheats on tests? Find better friends. There are plenty of nice strangers out there you can talk to.

Overall, because this is an advice column, here is my over-arching tip for the next time you find yourself surrounded by people who make you feel uncomfortable: Just leave. Jet out of there. Pack up, put your jacket on, put the beer down, tell your friend you’ll call him later and leave. High-tail it home. Watch TV, and go to bed. There’s no reason — there’s absolutely no reason — to put yourself in jeopardy because you feel you’ll miss something fun. Your real friends will understand.


Nigel said...

Did you leave a comment here last night? Looking for it?

I don't post "anonymous" comments...give me a name or a pseudonym and I'll post your comment.

Anonymous said...

We are now in august of 2008. Hank Hendricks has been proven innocent of all that CHARGE and the battle went so fast that even a US president could not prevent the punch from Seth Craven so let us stop all this accusations for fear of libel

Anonymous said...

you can be charged for felony printing lies whena man is proven innocent and you keep it up

Nigel said...

Nikki and "Dude"....

Newsflash, brainiacs...I know perhaps you aren't sure how our justice system works, but Hendricks pleaded GUILTY to a Felony.


Nowhere in the media reports (or court records as I have surmised) is any of the facts regarding this case disputed, except by spokeshole attorneys. Pleading Guilty simply avoids a life spent in jail.

That Hendricks may get away with probation certainly is fortunate for him, but he is still a convicted FELON.

Oh...and one more thing. This is an OLD post.

Anonymous said...


The felony will be changed to a misdeamanor for good conduct and they did say on the San Diego news that he was guilty after the fact and that Emery's mom would not sue his parents because he did not have any records with the police in the past, he has a clean record
and to be fair to you Niggel its true that is an old post and thanks you for showing my opinion
no hard feelings

Anonymous said...

hos could Hendricks be a gang mamber while livibg in Natick mass for three years out of touch with la jolla and the gang name has been removed as judge Einhorn said that " it was not a gang" according to gang experts, besides Hendricks did not have the time of day to relate to the old La Jolla
crowd as he was busy getting good grades ( on the dean's list and playing football)

Nigel said...


OK, let's be fair to Hendricks. This IS an old post based on media reports at the time.

However, what he pled guilty of is a felony that MAY be changed to a misdemeanor.

And you are who you "roll" with. Sure, the judge decided this group was not a "gang" by textbook definition...but remember that this group called themselves "Bird Rock Bandits"...they even had their own myspace page.

And Hendricks was "rolling" with these cretins that night, and has had long friendships with several of them.

You don't want to be accused of being a thug? Don't hang out with thugs.

Certainly a mistake that will haunt him the rest of his life. Maybe he can make good by spreading his story to youngsters to tell them how even one night of drinking and "whomping" can hurt them the rest of their lives.

If I am still blogging, and if Hendricks redeems himself thusly, I promise I'll post about it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nigel for being fair and publishing opinions , it shows that you are fair minded
Hendricks is a laid back kind of guy and when those " thugs" asked him out, he had just arrived the day before from Boston and he is not someone who puts his nose up and says " buzz off, i am a good college kid and i dont know you "
he went which was stupid , we dont beleive that he was aware after being gone for three years of the escalation of violence these kids were into including Emery
He was pretty much out of it and you are right he can tell other kids" beware of old friends and what they may have turned into"
there is an article writen by one of his friends on the Cornell daily sun called " leave, just leave" his name is Noah Brozinsky
he knew Hendrick from age nine and
had time to know him and observe him, we would say that Hendricks was naive and kind and related to his fellow football players as old acquaintances , he went stupidely even though his life was totally elsewhere , he said yes that night which was a so dumb , unthinking and unaware that he was dealing with explosives
some of us guys are his " good buddies" who do not get involved in fights and have gone a long way since high school just like he did

Anonymous said...

One last thing is that the only guy with a " bird rock bandit blog"
was Seth Craven so that esentially
he was a one man gang onto himself

Anonymous said...

hank's fan

Hank Hendricks has been let go by judge Heiron
He worked all winter on freezing docks in Boston and also on boats lying cables in the bay
He proved again that he was a good citizen without making waves, thats the kind of guy that he is

Nigel said...

Hank's fan...

This is now an "inactive" blog, but I posted your comment anyway to be fair.

If Hank Hendricks has worked hard to make the best of a terrible situation, then all credit to him.

He clearly was hanging out with the wrong people, ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got caught up doing something that in hindsight he will likely look upon as the lowpoint of his life.

He had the opportunity to be the "cooler head" and use his leadership skills to attempt to diffuse the situation...instead he went along with the crowd and a young man died as a result.

Hank was also very young...not yet a "man" despite his legal age. I'm sure he learned a very valuable life lesson that he might be able to share with others who might find themselves in similar situations. I hope he does that.

And I hope he moves on to make something good with his life...something two of his accomplices that evening (Osuna and Yanke) clearly have no intention of doing.

Anonymous said...

Hank sentence was changed into a misdeamanor and the university is glad to take him back to finish his seven units as he was on the dean's list: he says that he feels humble and realizes that following a group at one AM can be dangerous to anyone who does not know these kids anymore after three years in Boston
The experience was bitter, but he says it was a learning lesson in life.

Anonymous said...

The one who knows
Hank liked everybody, Christians, Jews, black, Oriental and whites etc : those kids were not his only friends , he answered their call because he was gone for three years and he was too nice to say no and after jet lag and a drink or two he may have been slow to react, that was his fault: he paid a lot for that, it set him back for three years of his life
He worked the docks of Boston in freezing weather, laid cables in Boston on big ships, worked in cemetaries etc now he knows how the common ( what they call the common man) which are not so common , live and he can relate to them , he got along fine with them also which shows his caracter as he never took himself seriouly
Thank you so much for printing that: you have always been an upstanding kind of guy
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Not only did he not make any attempt to stop the beating, he restrained the victims girl friend so she couldn't interfere. He should have done some jail time. You have to wonder if he has any regrets of his actions.

Nigel said...

Latest "anonymous"...

This is an inactive blog, and I tried to never posted "anonymous" comment previously...

But to respond and to be fair to Mr. all accounts his is the ONE participant that evening who has shown some remorse and made strides to put his life back in order.

And he DID do some jail time. His "time" has been minimized as he is the only one of the five who has followed court direction and made strides to show he can be a productive citizen moving forward.

Yanke, Osuna, House and Cravens? All thuggish morons who deserve their prison and jail sentences...