Monday, September 17, 2007

What are your kids doing this Friday?

I just received a letter from the volunteer mom in my daughters' 4th grade class. Get this:

Hi All,

Okay.....the kids have to have a new or old (not black) t-shirt into the classroom by Thursday.....

The kids are going to help celebrate National Peace day on Friday and Mrs. Croyle has some great plans for them.



This came as a surprise to me; I didn't know that this Friday, September 21st was "National Day Of Peace", promoted, sponsored, and sanctioned by the corrupt cabal of anti-semites at the United Nations. I had to go "Jim Rockford" and investigate what "great plans" these fine Educrats and their enablers have in mind for my daughters this Friday:


Please excuse me, if I might ask you this: What exactly is "National Peace Day"? And what exactly are the people organizing this planning on doing. Before my daughters participate in this, I would like to what exactly this entails. Thank you.

Here is what is on the menu, come Friday:

National Peace Day was implemented by the United Nations 6 years ago (I think)! Mrs. Croyle is planning on making t-shirts to celebrate peace. If you are still concerned I would contact Mrs. Croyle directly to find out what exactly are her plans.

I had to call the school and request the teacher explain this little exercise in feeling good with little or no reward in return for the kids. Unfortunately, the teacher didn't get around to returning my call. I had to voice my concern with a nice, little note:

Dear Mrs. Croyle,

It has been brought to my attention that my daughters are supposed to bring a white t-shirt to school with them on Friday to participate in "National Peace Day". I left a message for you to return my phone call regarding this earlier today, and I never heard back from you. I don't want my daughters participating in anything promoted,
sponsored, or sanctioned by the corupt, cabal of anti-semitism, The United Nations. My daughters are not useful tools for some social cause that is supposed to feel good and produces nothing in return, and helps contribute to their own demise. My daughters go to school there to learn to read, write, comprehend mathematics,
investigate science, explore history, and participate in physical fitness. They don't go there for exercises in indoctrination. If my daughters have to work on an alternate project, might I suggest you encourage them to write a letter of support for the United States Marines in their continued quest to protect theirs, and everyone else's
freedom to excel in academic pursuits without limits.

Thank you.

I wonder if I am the only parent in the classroom, let alone, the school that has a problem with this being shoved down their kids'throat?


Suma said...

thats a good idea to make kids to wear t-shirts of different colors...


Nigel said...

Gee Yiddish, you intolerant bastard...

I can't understand why in the world a joo like you would have a problem with the UN. All they want is PEACE, right?

OK, sarcasm button off...

Now what your daughters should do is wear that picture you have posted on their t-shirts instead. Can you just see their birkenstock-wearing lib teachers go into an epileptic fit over that?

The solution? Private school, dude. San Diego Jewish Academy. UN...not allowed to push their propaganda there...

Yiddish Steel said...


Don't think for a moment that I haven't looked into sending my kids to the 'Brew Academy there in Del Mar. I wish I could afford it. My daughters' school is a top-performer, academically in the county. The only problem I have is this garbage of "waging peace" thru a lame slogan or wearing a white t-shirt, especially when it's all generated from the ghouls at the UN. The moonbats never seem to understand that Tolerance is a 2-way concept.

Anonymous said...

Most of the sheeple out there aren't aware of who laid the charter for the UN. Which my all time favorite comm traitor, Alger Hiss. Your kids school should also be reminded that the US, not the UN has secured more peace over the past 200 years, comparted to the UN's 70 years of screw ups.