Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Work has me by the...uh...

Well, at least as not as bad as this guy:

Oklahoma City police say that on June 17, Brian Christopher Thomas went into Henry Hudson's Pub wearing a Longhorns T-shirt and quickly became the focus of football trash talk from another regular, Sooners fan Allen Michael Beckett.

The ugliness that followed left Thomas, 32, nearly castrated and Beckett, 53, facing aggravated assault charges that could put him in prison for up to five years.

I wonder if Thomas tried to order this beer:

Now the question is...can the prosecutor even find a jury that will convict?

“I've actually heard callers on talk radio say that this guy deserved what he got for wearing a Texas T-shirt into a bar in the middle of Sooner country,” Oklahoma City attorney Irven Box told The Associated Press.

Thomas told police that when he decided to leave and went to the bar to pay his tab, Beckett grabbed him in the crotch, pulled him to the ground and wouldn't let go, even as bar patrons tried to break it up. When the two men were separated, Thomas looked down and realized the extent of his injuries. It took more than 60 stitches to close the wound.


Well, is surprisingly good. Which means less time for blogging. So here...back by popular demand...the Leningrad Cowboys:

I'm in danger of becoming a fan. Though I can't get my hair to do that. Here's their website.

Here's the real thing. Bastards won't let me embed...

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