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UNH Quarterback Hendricks pleads not guilty

Update June 28, 2008 here
If you're gonna be hanging out with gangsta-thugs and be involved in a murder, it helps to have a rich aunt:

Henri "Hank" Quinn-William Hendricks, 21, was ordered jailed on $500,000 bail by Superior Court Judge John Einhorn. Einhorn said Hendricks could use $1 million in equity in his aunt's property to post a bond and get out of jail.

Hendricks was a backup quarterback for the University of New Hampshire, but was suspended following his arrest.

Four other men, Seth Cravens, 21, Eric House, 20, Matthew Yanke, 21, and Orlando Osuna, 22, have already been charged in connection with the slaying of Emery Kauanui, 24.

Police allege that Hendricks and the four other suspects belong to a gang known as the Bird Rock Bandits. Authorities believe they may be responsible for numerous assaults and other crimes in La Jolla.

Hendricks was not originally identified as a suspect, but police said he came forward on May 29, the day after Kauanui died, saying he was at the fight scene, according to court documents.

Emery before his "friends" killed him. Allegedly.

But hey, give Hendricks some credit. He showed the good judgment and decision-making that you would want from a back-up quarterback:

In court, Deputy District Attorney Sophia Roach said that Hendricks was on break from school at the time of the attack. The prosecution said Hendricks took a "calculated gamble" when he told police the fight that led to the surfer's death started as a one-on-one fight that went wrong.

Police said the fight began over a spilled drink at the Brew House. The defendants allegedly followed Kauanui home, where the fatal fight took place.

A woman (identified previously as Kauanui's girlfriend Jennifer Grosso) tried to break up the fight, the prosecutor said, but Hendricks kept her from doing so.

After Kauanui was knocked to the ground, Hendricks allegedly said, "Let's get the hell out of here."

After the fight, prosecutors said Hendricks drove Cravens away from the fight. Cravens is alleged to have dealt the final blow to the victim.

Henri's good buddy Seth Cravens and Emery Kauanui before Cravens beat Kauanui to death (allegedly)

Let's review, shall we? A drink is spilled...and these morons think it's a reason to brawl. Hendricks jumps in with these drunken fools and follows Kauanui home. Then Hendricks enters the fray...with bravado he squares up with Kauanui's girlfriend who tried to keep Emery from getting killed. Then while Kauanui lay dying, he drives the get away car.

His public defender (and with that rich aunt, how long will it be until he seriously lawyer's up?) Richard Gates spins Henri Quinn-William as a model citizen:

But the defense said he was just watching that night, "on the periphery," and said he has fully cooperated with police during their investigation. The attorney also said many people, including doctors, coaches and teachers, have written letters in support of him.

"He is the son that people want to have," said his attorney Richard Gates. "He's the son you want dating your daughter, the young man you want on your team. This is not just some dumb jock."

Uh...yeah right. Hendricks sounds exactly like the kind of guy you want dating your daughter. I mean...just look at the winners he hangs around with:

And as a coach, I can tell you I would never want this kind of guy on my team. Because he doesn't just hit girls:

Roach also said that on New Year's Eve, Hendricks allegedly punched a La Jolla coach and later admitted to police, "I have blood on my hands."

Wait. Maybe I would let this guy on my team. I mean...just look at this quarterback rating. But that stellar play was not enough to keep the UNH Wildcats from separating themselves from him. They have pulled his profile from their team's website. Here it is in case you missed it:

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For more on all of this, click on the "bird rock bandits" link below.

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