Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A new Carolina barbecue recipe

What isn't clear is whether one uses sauce or hickory chips and a dry rub:

MAIDEN, N.C. -- A man who bought a smoker Tuesday at an auction of abandoned items might have thought twice had he looked inside first.

Maiden police said the man opened up the smoker and saw what he thought was a piece of driftwood wrapped in paper. When he unwrapped it, he found a human leg, cut off 2 to 3 inches above the knee.

I've heard of keeping baby teeth or a lock of hair, but this is a little gross:

The smoker had been sold at an auction of items left behind at a storage facility, so investigators contacted the mother and son who had rented the space where the smoker was found.

The mother, Peg Steele, explained her son had his leg amputated after a plane crash and kept the leg following the surgery "for religious reasons" she doesn't know much about.

Note the mother's name. Heh.

Courtesy of Conservative Scalawag

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