Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As summer ends, Global Warming brutalizes SoCal


Cooler weather and high winds moved into Southern California today in advance of a storm that could bring snow to the mountains and the first rain to Los Angeles in about 150 days.

Current Temp on SoCal's Mt. Baldy...38 degrees. Today's Date? Sept. 19.

Meteorologists said the unstable weather system coming from British Columbia was the Southland's first winter storm, arriving months ahead of schedule and sending temperatures eight to 15 degrees below normal.

"The storm is pretty unusual. It's pretty much our first winter storm of the season and it's barely fall," said weather service meteorologist Edan Lindaman.

Uh...Edan? You might want to look at a calendar. It's still summer.

Fortunately, Algore (PBUH) is still doing everything he can to personally contribute to "Global Warming":

Without his bigfoot-esque "carbon footprint", I might have had to break out my parka...

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