Monday, November 3, 2008

Boy...won't she be disappointed

You know...I remember grade school elections where the student body candidates would make outrageous promises. Things like "chocolate milk out of the water fountains" and hour-long recess.

And yes, those candidates would get elected. So it's no wonder that Barack Obama will be elected by those who still dream of free ice cream at lunch:

A side thought. When the promise of having her mortgage paid and her car filled with gas does not come to fruition, will she come to her senses and vote Republican next election?


Michele said...

That's the second time this week I've heard the "car filled with gas" and "mortgage paid" line. There's a bit of propaganda going on.

B Smith said...

Urkel will take care of you.
Just do the right thing, and vote for Him.
Urkel will provide.
Trust Him.