Thursday, June 28, 2007

BANG! Shamnesty Bill is DEAD! (Updated)

Today the Senate voted 53-46 to kill the Amnesty/Shamnesty bill...

Hot Air plans a celebration... make sure you scroll all the way down for it!

This Goes to 11's Celebration:

Preston at Six Meat Buffet has a suggestion for the President:

Message to Junior: Now that you’ve gotten your nose rubbed in it, why don’t you quit being a dick and build the fence?

The cleanest of Ace's celebrations:

(Update): 2008 Presidential pretender Sam Brownback actually voted for cloture before he voted against it. From Michelle Malkin:

Vote-switching weasel Sam Brownback should really just end his presidential campaign bid right now and stop wasting his poor staff’s time.

I wonder how Sam "Switchback" will spin that during the next debate. Anything like this guy?

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