Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It is SO on! (Updated/Bumped)

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill announced that he has arranged a cage match between Michelle Malkin and Geraldo Rivera to brawl over the illegal immigration issue. The pre-fight appetizer:

The battle is on Thursday night's O'Reilly Factor. Michelle is going to kick Geraldo's ass...

Update: Michelle lobs the first grenade:

As you follow the debate over the Bush-Kennedy immigration bill, keep this cardinal rule in mind: 99.99 percent of the lawmakers who promise you that they'll ensure the deportation of anyone who doesn't follow their new "guest-worker" regulations are either A) lying or B) completely clueless.

Rule No. 2: Anyone who plays the Enforcement equals Kicking-Down-Doors-And-Depriving-Babies-of-Mother's-Milk card (yes, that's you, Geraldo Rivera) is either A) lying or B) completely clueless.

Read her entire column.

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Van Helsing said...

I'll look forward to watching Michelle lay into that moonbat demagogue Geraldo.