Saturday, June 16, 2007

Breaking News! Bush amends border security/amnesty bill

Scrappleface has the latest update on the changes President Bush has made to the illegal alien amnesty immigration reform bill :

(2007-06-15) — President George Bush, in an effort to address conservatives’ dual concerns about border security and the rule of law, today said the revived immigration reform bill would finish the U.S.-Mexico border fence by fining illegal aliens to pay for it and requiring each one to build a section of the fence with his own hands.

With the U.S.-Mexico border stretching more than 1,951 miles, and estimates that 20 million illegal aliens already inhabit the United States, President Bush said the measure would require each “currently undocumented future citizen” to build about six inches of fencing.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is said to be on board with the President:

“as long as the illegal aliens building the fence face north when they do it, and head south when they’re done.”

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