Friday, June 1, 2007

We are NOT Alone!

So...what are you doing this weekend?

The reason I ask is that you will want to set aside at least an hour to read, dissect and digest the first part of the latest essay by Bill Whittle.

Yes...his essays are LONG. But hang with them; you will find them to be some of the best thought-out arguments against liberal stupidity you will ever read.

For example, have you ever traveled to a 3rd world country and wondered why this is allowed to happen?

When I look out into the Third World, this is what I see: short-term strategies for immediate gain at the cost of long-term success. A swarm of trinket vendors on a beach in Mexico all need to make an immediate sale in order to eat that day, even if the cost is being so annoying and frustrating to the tourists that it prevents them from ever returning. Short term gain, long term loss.

Do you see any long-term disadvantages to an arrangement like the one above? I mean, aside form the obvious fire risk, who is actually paying for all that stolen electricity? And in a Screw the Other Guy society, why should he pay? He spends money, for what gain? Why not just steal it like everyone else? And when no one pays, guess what happens to the the electricity. It goes away.

Hmm. Doesn't that sound a little like the M.O. for the millions of illegal aliens who have crossed our borders? Whittle makes that connection:

Large numbers of non-citizens want to live in the United States. Large numbers. A society can only assimilate so many people in a given year. If millions and millions of people come here illegally, they are loading the system to capacity at the expense of the honest, decent people who are doing the right thing by applying to immigrate legally. If we reward illegal immigration with amnesty, we have allowed the illegals not only to screw our own people and laws, but even more so they harm their own countrymen who are trying to get here by cooperating.

The biggest losers in our inability to control illegal immigration are the legal immigrants. What benefit do these honest people gain from playing by the rules? This is as clear a real-world example as you are likely to see of the lack of retaliation flipping a system from cooperation to betrayal.

And, by allowing this to happen, you also set a precedent, which I think is even more destructive: you are saying not only to the illegals but to the entire society that laws are for chumps. Cheaters win.

There is so much more I'd like to lift from Whittle's essay...but it is his essay, not mine. Set aside some time and go read it.

Part 2 of his essay is also out and it follows part 1 on eject!eject!eject!.com. I'll get into part 2 next week...right now I am still masticating on part 1.

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