Sunday, June 24, 2007

Michelle calls out Rosie, Amnesty International USA on real civil rights abuses

This morning Michelle Malkin challenges the bleeding hearts, who are so critical of America's alleged abuse of civil rights, to take on the cause of some people who really need help:

Today I am joining blogs Gateway Pundit, Ali Eteraz, and Iran Focus in reprinting the latest batch of Iranian repression photos being distributed by the regime’s state-run FARS News agency and ISNA. The innocent young men in the photos were beaten, humiliated, and arrested for wearing Western clothing and hairstyles. It is in the public interest to spread these photos far and wide. The images should be seared onto the global conscience:

Question: Will these photos be blared across the front pages of the international media with as much disgust and condemnation as the photos of Abu Ghraib or the manufactured Gitmo Koran-flushing riots?

Answer: Fat chance.

Question: What do leftist apologists for the Iranian regime have to say about the brutal, appalling, and escalating crackdown on human rights? Yeah, you, Rosie.

Answer: Nothing.

Of course Amnesty International takes the lead in decrying these horrible abuses, right?

So what does Amnesty International USA have to say about the Iranian human rights debacle on its homepage today? Nothing. Instead, the site promotes two campaigns for Darfur and a lead story about the campaign to secure habeas corpus rights for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay:

A challenge to Rosie and Amnesty International USA members and America’s progressive left (I know there are a few on the story, but they are far between): How about taking a day off from Bush-bashing and America-blaming to raise your voices against the mullahcracy’s brutal human rights abuses?

Or how about embedding these videos so that the cries of Iranian women and girls don’t go unheard:

Michelle has more photos and videos...make sure you go there to view.


Van Helsing said...

It's only a human rights abuse if America or Israel does it.

Nigel said...

Wait. Are you telling me the UN hasn't condemned Iran for these acts?