Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How in the heck...

...are the Chinese able to do this, when we can't get a border fence put up?

China plans to build a highway on the side of Mount Everest to ease the Olympic torch's journey to the peak of the world's tallest mountain before the 2008 Beijing Games, state media reported yesterday.

Construction of the road, budgeted at $19.7 million, would turn a 67-mile rough path from the foot of the mountain to a base camp at 17,060 feet "into a blacktop highway fenced by undulating guardrails," the official New China News Agency said.

The agency said construction, which would start next week, would take about four months. The highway would become a major route for tourists and mountaineers, it said.

That's 67 miles of paved road at 17,000 foot elevation in four months. Maybe we should outsource the contract for our border fence to the Chinese. Because when it comes to border security, it certainly looks like they know what the hell they're doing:

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