Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ann Coulter to endorse...Hillary? (Update: Ace analysis)

Hell freezes over:

From Ann's latest column:

The bright side of the Florida debacle is that I no longer fear Hillary Clinton. (I mean in terms of her becoming president -- on a personal level, she's still a little creepy.) I'd rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we'll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.

Also, McCain lies a lot, which is really more a specialty of the Democrats.

At least under President Hillary, Republicans in Congress would know that they're supposed to fight back. When President McCain proposes the same ideas -- tax hikes, liberal judges and Social Security for illegals -- Republicans in Congress will support "our" president -- just as they supported, if only briefly, Bush's great ideas on amnesty and Harriet Miers.

Hot Air has more, including another conservative diva who won't back McCain, though she may change her mind if McCain changes his:

Update: Ace sums up what many conservatives must be feeling right now (language warning):

Whether all the over-my-dead-body threats from Republicans are on the level, I don't know. Some are. Some aren't. Some will end up voting for him, reluctantly. Others won't. Many won't bother donating to his presidential campaign, choosing instead to put their money in the hands of actual conservative Republicans.

There's a lot of talk from some right now about reconciling, and getting on the McCain Express. I say: Fuck that. In case you jokers haven't noticed, there's still a campaign on; your boy hasn't won yet. McCain has been saying "Fuck You" to us for a long time; why don't you all cool it with the "let's be friends" pussyshit and allow us to say "Fuck You" back to McCain for a while longer?

Maybe we'll be done saying it by November. Then again, maybe we won't. In any event, I think the McCain backers and soft-supporters ought to consider very seriously that at least some Republicans will not vote for McCain under any circumstances whatsoever.

So before you guys try to mau-mau us to rally behind him for party unity, perhaps you should first try instead rallying behind Mitt Romney.


WomanOfAbomination said...

I'm glad Ann Coulter said that. And I think she's dead serious. I never thought I would consider voting for Hillary Clinton, but I have recently, because she's the evil I know. McCain may be a war hero, but politically he's Ted Kennedy sized creep. Creepier than Hillary.

Just praying that whoever gets voted in serves only one term.

Nelson said...

I know you guys hate McCain and everything, but Romney is such a panderer that I'd rather vote for a Dem than him. I personally like McCain, but I realize that not everyone does. If you must vote for a different candidate at least pick Ron Paul. He's the other candidate that sticks to his beliefs even if they aren't popular.