Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lazy Parenting Legislation - 2008

It's a brand new year and it only took 3 weeks to find the first attempt by the Libtard Gustappo to legislate more lazy parenting skills. You have to love the public relations campaign behind this steaming turd pile of nanny state ninnyism: "NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE". The Democrats (unnamed Democrats, that is) want to tax televisions, video game consoles, and video games. Hey! I've got a great idea "Unnamed Democrats", how about promoting more shame and scorn for lazy, apathetic parenting, and leave the entertainment and extra-curricular decisions to mom and dad, got it?! Alrighty now. While your cheeto-eating, pudding-bleeding, fat ass kids play XBox all day today, me and my kids are headed to Palomar Mountain to go trekking in the snow, climb some rocks, and check out the observatory. Have a stellar Saturday folks!

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Nigel said...

"pudding bleeding"?