Sunday, January 13, 2008

BULLSHIT! (updated)

I was going to completely avoid blogging the San Diego/Indianapolis playoff game today, but I have just seen the worst officiating call in NFL playoff history.

Perhaps there will be video on this later, but Antonio Cromartie's interception return for a touchdown was just nullified by a BULLSHIT holding call.

Let me repeat that. It was BULLSHIT. Watch the replay.

Look at the wet spot on incontinent dickhead Phil Luckett's ass...

If the Chargers lose this game, this will be on NFL official Phil Luckett. He is the ex-referee who left the NFL in shame because he could not get a coin flip right during the 1998 Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and followed that up by several more crappy officiating decisions.

Worse was CBS hack "analyst" Dan Dierdorf's attempted defense of Luckett. Pathetic. We all know that CBS would rather have a Patriots/Colts AFC championship...just don't be so obvious.

Update: Concurrence from Sports on My Mind:

Phil Luckett is a referee in the NFL is a sign of impropriety in the league. Yes, I said the unsaid, the unwritten, at least since Luckett’s past performances. That Luckett is able to participate in and impact the outcome of a playoff game makes stellar and impeccable crew chief Jerry Markbreit appear as though he is part of a fix of monumental proportions.

Antonio Cromartie intercepted an errant Peyton Manning pass and ran it back 89 yards for a touchdown.

But Luckett dropped a flag long after Cromartie passed the 40 yard line. The call was a hold on Chargers rookie, Eric Weddle. Dan Dierdorf, former NFL lineman, official NFL shill, and secondarily CBS color commentator, said the hold was obvious and questioned why San Diego head coach Norv Turner was arguing the call.

At halftime Boomer Esiason averred that there was no hold. Esiason said flatly, “It was a bad call.” He also said the man making the call was Phil Luckett.

When the telecast resumed from Indianapolis, a replay of the hold was immediately shown; an odd move for sure, especially for an “obvious hold.” Dierdorf then said Weddle did not allow Joseph Addai “the outside position he established” and therefore was holding Addai. Dierdorf, at this point in his NFL being, knows NFL rules about as well as I do. Yet suddenly he is spouting the nature of a holding penalty like he’s Markbreit. It was obvious the NFL flew a kite to Dierdorf so that they could defend their boy Luckett and his sheisty call.

Now, if you watch the play, the hold was actually on Addai, as he grabbed Weddle by the shoulder pads, yanked him to the left, then right and threw him to the ground. Normally, that is defensive holding.

Not on Luckett’s watch.

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