Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Straight talk from Mel Martinez

I thought I had heard this correctly last night...kudos to Preston Taylor Holmes over at Six Meat Buffet for this catch:

Oops. Thanks for nothin', Mel...

This Goes to 11 Flashback: Remember Mel during the Shamnesty debacle last summer? Mel claims he isn't interested in the VP slot, but do you doubt that he is at least positioning himself for a place in McCain's cabinet? Can you see Mel Martinez as Secretary of State?

Or how about this guy as the DHS head? If you don't know about Juan Hernandez, you should be very afraid:

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Yiddish Steel said...


I'm starting to get vertigo from all this damn "straight talk" from the angry, little man. For as much dirt that is unearthed on Shrillery & B. Hussein Obama and all the baggage they'll be sure to bring along to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, should they get the nod, "The Maverick" is aligning equal company should he be the one to need the stack of phone books to address the Press Corps from behind the podium.