Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey Dr. Moody...can you really be this stupid?

Remember Dr. William Moody, the tough guy White Plains, NY dentist who made headlines in November for his courageous beatdown of 5'2" Yolanda Infante over a parking spot?

This week he appeared on the Dr. Phil show, perhaps to give his business a boost...because there are just so many dental patients who want to be treated by a rage-a-holic with a drill in his hands.

And here's a big shock...even before the show aired, Dr. Moody was arrested for violating a restraining order Infante had gotten against him. What a dumbass:

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS) ― There are new charges against the Westchester dentist who gained Internet fame after CBS 2 cameras exclusively caught him engaging in "parking rage" in November.

Dr. William Moody, who will appear on the "Dr. Phil" show on Thursday afternoon, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after apparently violating his order of protection against Yolanda Infante, the woman who he was seen pushing to the ground in the November incident.

Infante's order of protection against Moody says the dentist cannot have any contact or communication with her or her brother, Luis, both of whom felt Moody's wrath during the confrontation on Court Street in White Plains.

It's been more than two months since Infante's order of protection went into effect, but on Tuesday, Infante says Moody approached her on the street near the building where they both have officers and sarcastically asked her if she knew what time "Dr. Phil" airs on CBS 2.

So basically Dr. Moody figured it was worth a little jail time as long as he got a chance to run some lame smak at Infante? Can you lose your license to practice dentistry in New York for being a moron?

The original video:


Timothy said...

This guy's unbelievable! He behaved in a shameful manner, and further disgraced himself on Dr. Phil by not accepting blame. His allegations of racism were laughable, and it appears that every word from his mouth is a lie. He is presenting himself to be a foul, odious person devoid of integrity...

Dr. Moody, become a man today! Admit to yourself that you behaved in a boorish manner, then attempt to rectify the wrong you have done.

SG said...

He did admit at the end of the show that he wished this had never happened, but that doesn't really mean he wished he hadn't done what he did. I listened to his story with a ear towards possible racism towards him, particularly being a large black man, but I just didn't see or hear signs of racism. And his only defense for his behavior was that he was called the n word and spit on, when? All I heard was the man in the car saying 'I will move, I will move' and the incredible posturing by Dr. Moody when the man didn't park where he thought he should park. He deserves criminal and civil prosecution. Hit him where it hurts because people cannot go around doing this when they feel like it. I don't care if you are late for work or not. He doesn't own the streets and it appears to me that he physically and verbally attacked those people, and attempted carjacking to boot. And if you watched the show, the point was brought out that there were either one or two other confrontations he had that day with other people. Dentists supposedly have the highest 'occupationally related' rate of depression and suicide and alcoholism. That could mean anything. A friend of mine says it's most likely because of all the negativity of people going to the dentist, no one wants to go and I guess that negativity transfers itself. (Be nice to your Dentist!) Some say it's the mercury exposure from the fillings. You can tell his lawyer has been feeding him a bunch of BS because he's way too confident in his assertions of racism and presenting his assault of those two people, esp the woman, out of context. Hopefully he'll lose some business since his lawyer asserts that there's no possibility of civil awards, and maybe he'll learn a lesson and get anger management and counseling. Dr. Moody, stay away from the mercury and don't be so danged moody!

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Moody ever decides to pick a fight with someone more his size, he will need to see HIS dentist. Note to local D.A.: Please don't accept any plea deals with this jerk! He's already walked away from too many incidents just like this one! Put him in jail! Note to A.D.A.: Please revoke this man's license to pratice, before he really hurts someone! How apt your name is Dr. MOODY!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im from Sweden and I just saw the Dr. Phil show starring this ass.

Did he get away with this? I certainly hope not. People like him doesnt deserve to live. Seriously.